Financial Advisory

RFP financial advisory
The financial markets are complex, global and unpredictable. They require dedication and expertise to stay abreast of the economic, political and social changes that impact finance every day on a global scale.

The RFP team is on the constant look-out for signs of upcoming changes on the financial markets to ensure your investments adapt to the environment as well as meet your long term objectives.

Financial Advisory Services

Mortgage loans

RFP mortgage loans
RFP advises investors purchasing property in France or who wish to refinance their assets with a more appropriate loan.

We specialise in extra-ordinary mortgages, either by their amount, their currency, their purpose or the legal form of the investor – requirements that do not match the capabilities of a mainstream bank.

We focus on understanding your requirements and matching them with the most appropriate mortgage: one that is adapted to your plans for the future, as well as your asset and tax structure.

Extra-Ordinary Mortgages

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