Mortgage loans

Defining the financing strategy

A mortgage impacts your wealth structure, taxation and legacy strategy. In order to propose the best solutions, we assess your objectives and address the following issues:

  • Mortgage duration
  • Mortgage currency. Nationality, country of residence and the location of the property may differ, which opens the range of possibilities in terms of currency.
  • With amortisation or interest only
  • With or without life insurance
  • Securities or grantors associated to the mortgage
  • Tax implications, both in France and in your country of residence or incorporation, if the owner is a legal entity
  • Impact on your estate legacy
  • Other issues related to the project

We support our clients at each step of the financing process and ensure that it is carried out smoothly and to our client’s best interest until its termination.

Why choose RFP to secure your mortgage loan?

We are independent and unbiased.

We are French and our team has over 30 years experience in international private banking. We know French and international finance, estate and tax structures and how to optimise wealth management in this environment.

The RFP experts have a family-office approach to your mortgage needs. We work alongside a network of lawyers, estate agents, solicitors, accountants and insurance brokers in the French Riviera who can address the other aspects of your investment.

English, German and French are fluently spoken at RFP.

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Financial advisors by your side. Truly.

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